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Navigational Carer Program

What is the Navigational Carer Initiative?

The Cancer Chicks Navigational Carer Initiative is dedicated to delivering individualised non-medical assistance to women coping with the challenges of cancer, chronic, and terminal illnesses. Our mission is to address their needs and individualise personal support . This Initiative stands as the pioneering service of its kind, encompassing all cancer types across Australia.

After receiving a diagnosis, it's perfectly natural to be overwhelmed, and getting started with accessing support services can often feel like a daunting and challenging task. The Navigational Carer program is here to lend a helping hand by offering guidance, resources, and a supportive framework in:

  • Available Support Services, Initiatives, and Resources

  • Criteria for Support Services and Initiatives

  • Gaining Access and Applying for Support and Related Services

Navigational Carers are here to help Cancer Chicks by providing practical support and guidance they need when dealing with all sorts of uncertainties on their cancer journey. This could be after getting a cancer diagnosis or when things change in their lives. We tailor our support to each person, considering their individual situation, where they live, and what they require.

The Navigational Carer Initiative has been designed to provide vital assistance for women, confronting cancer, chronic illnesses, or terminal conditions. Furthermore, its primary objective is to enhance and advocate for self-care practices, ultimately elevating the overall quality of life. Navigational Carers are firmly committed to facilitating communication and support, ensuring seamless access to external support services, and fostering a strong connection within the broader Cancer Chicks community.

How does the Navigational Carer Initiative work?

The Cancer Chicks Navigational Carer Initiative connects individuals with existing proven support services in the most accessible way. 

Request for support

Cancer Chick initiated


Assessment of requirements


Referral to services

Integration of support

via Navigational Carer


Get Support

Reach out to our lovely team of Nav Carers by filling out the form below

Once a request for support has been received, a Navigational Carer will contact you and conduct an initial assessment to identify your potential needs. Navigational Carers will then connect you with established support services and provide assistance with access requirements as necessary.

Your Navigational Carer will remain in contact with you to ensure ongoing support until assistance is no longer required.

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