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Cancer Chicks x Mirakl

Enjoying your job is not just beneficial for your career growth and financial well-being; it also plays a vital role in nurturing a healthy sense of self-esteem. When you genuinely enjoy your work, it fosters a positive attitude, a sense of purpose, and a feeling of accomplishment.

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What is the 'Re-Employment Program' with Mirakl?

We are excited to announce the launch of the Cancer Chicks employment assistance program, a collaborative initiative with Mirakl, a global technology company that enables businesses to achieve profitable and sustainable eCommerce growth. Through this partnership, along with the support of Mirakl's extensive network of business partners, we aim to provide personalized coaching tailored to the unique needs of Cancer Chicks during and after their treatment. By leveraging the resources and expertise of Mirakl and its partners, we can empower Cancer Chicks to regain their independence, financial stability, and pursue fulfilling careers that align with their abilities and well-being. 

We are dedicated to supporting our Cancer Chicks in their journey to enter or re enter the workforce after cancer. Once you register, you will be put in touch with Mirakl which will assign you a dedicated coach, whose role will be to guide and empower you throughout your job search. Coaches are senior individuals who are working (at Mirakl or partners) and are willing to support Cancer Chicks on a voluntary basis, to give you professional advice & make connections with people in their networks when relevant.

How does it work?

Firstly, your Mirakl coach will discuss if you are applying for a first job or exploring new job opportunities if you're seeking a change. Next, you will have in-depth discussions to understand your specific needs and preferences, to work together to identify the career path that best suits your skills and aspirations. Once you have narrowed down your options, Mirakl will help you finalise your resumes and cover letters to make a strong impression. To boost your confidence, Mirakl offers interview practice sessions to help you shine during the selection process. Your Mirakl coach may also connect you with relevant people in their network, based on the roles or companies you are applying to. Lastly, Mirakl will provide guidance and support as you make the final decision between multiple job offers. Rest assured, we are here to empower you in your journey towards a fulfilling career.


How can I get employment support?

To take the next steps, please register to become a Cancer Chick if you haven't already done so.


Once registered, send an email to with the following details:

  • Your full name

  • Your mobile number

  • Any details about what stage of your job search you're at:

  1. Considering applying to a first job or changing jobs 

  2. Finalising my resume/cover letter 

  3. Applying to offers 

  4. Interviewing 

  5. Making a final decision between offers

  6. Other (Share more in your email!)

By completing these actions, you'll be on your way to accessing the resources and support available through our partnership with Mirakl. Once you’ve submitted your registration, a representative from Mirakl will personally reach out to you, to introduce you to your coach who will guide you throughout the process. 

Learn more about Mirakl

Mirakl is the global leader in platform business innovation. Since 2012, we've empowered retail and B2B enterprises with advanced, secure, scalable technology to enhance product assortments through marketplace and dropship, streamline supplier management and payments, personalised shopping experiences, and increase profits with retail media. Our technologies empower over 450 renowned brands, such as ASOS, Decathlon, H&M Home and Macy's.


At Mirakl, we understand that our role extends beyond technology provision. Guided by a firm belief in the transformative power of technology for good, we see ourselves as partners in positive change. With a sense of responsibility, we support initiatives that utilise our expertise and platform to spur community development and empower individuals.


More Resources

To help you get back on track with your career, Mirakl have provided you with some helpful resources!

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